Company Overview

Founded in September 2021, Wildside Co. is located within Bethpage High School in Long Island, New York. We are a comprehensive energy drink and supplement company, designed to help athletes reach their fitness goals or just provide an everyday energy boost. With healthy ingredients, numerous flavors and biodegradable packaging, Wildside is unique in offering a healthier and more environmentally-friendly product. We are a registered S Corporation, allowing us to retain the benefits of a corporation while limiting personal liability for each of our shareholders, meaning we can mitigate corporate taxes and avoid being double-taxed on our income. We intend to generate revenue through online sales and advertising, tailoring our products directly to customers, reaching our target markets through online advertisements, outreach and networking with other firms. Structurally, our CEO oversees and manages our five departments: marketing, sales, HR, finance, and IT. Our team-based organizational structure promotes efficiency and productivity by establishing responsibilities, delegating tasks, and ensuring work is consistent and complete. Our company also heavily relies on collaboration amongst different departments, allowing people of different backgrounds and expertise to come together.

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12 oz. can

Our 12 oz. can is a perfect size for a variety of uses. Whether you are looking for a boost of energy or an intra-workout boost, our 12 oz. can could be our best selling individual item. (We also sell this item in bulk. See SHOP!)

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24 oz. can

Our 24 oz. can, similar to our 12 oz. can, has a variety of uses with double the servings! With 2 servings of our product, consumers are advised to separate the 2 servings for proper effect. Our 24 oz. can is tailored towards people who want long lasting energy throughout the whole day or night. (We sell this item in bulk. See SHOP!)

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